Rodica Ceban, Andriana Fuior, Eugenia Chiperi - Prutule

The village of Costești is one of the oldest villages in the area, founded after June 3, 1429, when the boyar Costea founded a village at the mouth of Ciuhurul, which in 1499 is already attested with the name Costești.
Several great historical events and personalities, rulers, great rulers and people of culture are related to Costești: Ștefan cel Mare, Petru Rareș, Mihai Viteazul, Vasile Lupu, the chronicler and rhetorician Lucaci and many others.
With the construction of the Hydrotechnical Node on the Prut (1973-1978), the village of Costești is relocated to a new hearth, but its people remained, with their way of being, with their traditions, customs, stories and memories.
Today, Costesti is a town full of history and legend, brilliance and drama. Costesti is a place of Covenant between Deity and Earth ...


Costești. Moldova